Salesianum Parent Newsletter: May 2 - 8

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What we need is a cup of understanding, a barrel of love, and an ocean of patience.

- St. Francis de Sales

Fr. Chris Beretta, OSFS

Dear Parents,

Sunday morning in the gym was the Mother-Son Communion Breakfast, an annual event for soon-to-be graduating seniors and their moms. It’s one of my favorite events on our calendar every year, always the weekend before Mother’s Day and at the beginning of the final month of high school for the seniors.  

To be sure, May is both exciting and bittersweet for seniors. And of course, no one in the family understands that better than moms. Back in August 2012, when the Class of 2016 first arrived on campus to start high school, many a (then) freshman mom was concerned… Would he know where to go? Would he make new friends? Would he know how to open his locker? Do they actually expect me not to text him? Can I come in with him for just a few minutes if I promise not to follow him all the way into his classrooms??? 

Of course, there were bumps and bruises along the way, but for the most part, this class has become as close and as successful as any I’ve known in my time at Salesianum. And now, almost four years have gone by since the Class of 2016 first sat together in those bleachers at Freshman Orientation. I was truly touched to look out at Mass in the gym Sunday to see not only the seniors who will soon be leaving us, but the mothers and grandmothers and other important women who have stood by them and cared for them, through many ups and downs that are part of every young man’s life. 

It’s no wonder that when St. Francis de Sales wrote so eloquently of the love of God, he spoke not only in the traditional language of the God as a father, but also in analogies that compared God’s love to that of a mother. For many of us, a mother’s love is the closest we come to experiencing the unconditional, complete, and selfless love that God shares so freely. And so for all Salesianum moms, and especially mothers of seniors, we at Salesianum thank you for your support, and even more, for entrusting us with your greatest treasure.

The Week Ahead

Students who are Struggling. Please continue to communicate with us if we can do anything to better support your son. I don’t mind sounding like a broken record about something so important! Watch for any signs of distress, withdrawal, and other changes in behavior. As I have stated in the past, we are particularly concerned for students with no obvious connection to either Tyler Brown or Matt Griffith, or of students known to be going through other stressors during the last six weeks who may feel their concerns are not being addressed. It is important that they verbalize their thoughts, feelings, and questions, and not isolate themselves. Feel free to contact Mr. Pat Dever, our Community Counselor, with any concerns at

Weekend Appreciation. A few major events on campus this weekend are worthy of recognition. On Thursday, the Lt. Joe Szczerba 5K brought the extended community together in memory of Lt. Joe Szczerba ’85 and his sacrifice in the line of duty serving the community. On Friday, the first Sophomore overnight retreat was held. And this weekend brought the final three outstanding performances of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on stage in the Salesianum Theater. Thank you to all staff, alumni, parents, and students who came together for these important events in the life of the school. 

Fridays in May. Be advised that Fridays in May will feature PM Assembly Schedules with an early dismissal for students, faculty, and staff. This is a long-standing school tradition in recognition of the fact that the school year is drawing to a close and the temperatures in May begin to warm as the summer nears. Friday dismissals will be at 1:35 for the remainder of the school year. Please plan accordingly.

Tenui nec dimittam,

Fr. Chris Beretta, OSFS



Mr. Jude Szczerba, Dean of Academic

Exam Days and Book Buyback
As you may know, the final assessment grade for full year courses comprises 20% of the final grade. Incorporating alternate assessments such as projects, papers, portfolios, and shorter exams takes the emphasis off of the final exam and encourages the demonstration of skills. Specific exam dates can be found on the onCampus Resource Board. Book buyback will take place during exam days and dismissal during exam days is typically before noon.

Extracurricular Eligibility for Next School Year 
To participate in 1st quarter activities the 4th quarter GPA for all students (current freshmen included) must be above 2.0 in addition to the regular requirements for passing work in other courses.  Please note that the cumulative GPA, calculated from final grades at the end of the school year, does not affect extracurricular eligibility.

Students Currently Taking Algebra I Phase 1 or Phase 2 (course 411 or 412)
Students in the Class of 2019 currently enrolled in phases 1 or 2 for Algebra I are required to take this summer course to prepare for Geometry if their final grade is below a “C.” Some students will be recommended but not required to take this course. The course will involve 3 meetings total at Salesianum; the rest of the course work will be completed online over the course of 8 weeks under the guidance of Salesianum teacher Mr. Robie. For meeting dates, please contact Mr. Robie at For registration materials, contact Mr. Winchell at   

Students Currently Taking Geometry Phase 1 or Phase 2 (course 421 or 422)
Students in the Class of 2020 currently enrolled in phases 1 or 2 for Geometry are invited to take an online summer course to prepare for Algebra II.  The course will involve 3 meetings total at Salesianum; the rest of the course work will be completed online over the course of 8 weeks under the guidance of Salesianum teacher Mr. Robie. For meeting dates, please contact Mr. Robie at For registration materials, contact Mr. Winchell at



Mr. Mike Gallagher, Dean of Student Life,
Mr. Bill Dinardo, Assistant Principal for Student Discipline,
Mr. Dan Jackman, Director of Student Activities,

Encounter Retreat
Spots are still available for juniors and seniors for the May Encounter running Sunday, May 15 to Wednesday May 18. Cost is $180 per students, with flexible payment plans. Limited spots available. Have your son see Mr. DeCusatis or Mr. Ryan in the Center for Faith & Justice to fill out an application.

Service Point Deadline
Freshmen and Sophomores must turn in service points by Monday, May 9.  Failure to hand in service points will result in an “F” on a student's transcript. Students should see Mr. DeCusatis with any questions regarding service points or available service opportunities or check the onCampus Faith & Justice Resource page.

Host Families Needed for International Students
Do you have a spare bedroom and an interest in fostering global understanding? Renascentia Hall International, a global education organization located in Newark Delaware, is seeking host families for international students attending Salesianum for the next school year. Students possess strong academic skills, speak English, have their own spending money, and are covered by health insurance. Host families receive a generous stipend of $1,050 per month to cover the cost of each student’s food, lodging, transportation to school and related activities. Contact Karen Krauss at 302.273.2009 or for more information.

Senior Information
The reminder to all senior parents that information regarding the final month months of senior year can be found on the Senior Resource page on onCampus. You can also find this page by clicking on "Resources" on the top menu of onCampus.

Salesianum Summer Work Crew
Positions are available this summer at Salesianum for the summer work crew for need-based tuition remission. Applications are available for students to pick up in the main office and are due to Mrs. Looney by Thursday, May 5. Students work 28 hours per week for 8 weeks. Positions are limited.

Dining Center Survey
In partnership with our food service management company, NexDine, we are examining the role that food and meal times play in the life of our school. Your feedback in a brief survey is needed. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Mansi the school nurse at

ID Cards

Please remind your son that ID cards are issued every two years (beginning of Freshman and again in mid-October of his Junior year). Please ensure that cards are kept in a safe place for the summer as replacement cards are issued after paying a $50 fee.


Mr. Will Yarnell, Director of Guidance -

Current Junior Parents
Please ensure that the following two dates are on your family calendar as both events are obligatory for the Class of 2017 (current juniors/rising seniors).

College Case Study on Monday, May 16 at 6:00 PM. The program geared toward both students and parents is mandatory for juniors.

Orientation for the Class of 2017 will take place on Sunday, August 28 from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. This is the day before classes begin. Every member of the Class of 2017 and at least one parent is required to attend. 

ACT Testing

The next ACT test date will be June 11, register by the May 6.

Elsmere Fire Company Open House
The Elsmere Fire Company will host an Open House on Saturday, May 14 from 11 am - 2pm for students interested in becoming a part of the Emergency Services family. The Junior Company welcomes candidates from 14 to 17 years of age who want to serve their community as part of an organization that has protected lives and property for nearly 100 years.



Fr. Mike Vogt, OSFS, Pastoral Care Coordinator -

We keep in prayer this week all members of our extended School Community:


  • Chris White '17
  • Kelly Muschiatti '16
  • Logan Brown '18
  • Linda Caccamo, mother of Zach Caccamo '19
  • Susan Brown, mother of Nick Brylinski '18


  • Matthew Griffith '19
  • Tyler Brown '16
  • Amy Inita Joyner-Francis, Howard High School
  • Joseph Prucino, '55
  • Joseph Zebley '39
  • And for all the names listed in the Salesianum Book of Remembrance




Please note that a new version of the current school year calendar has been posted on the onCampus Parent Resource Board.

The Major Dates Calendar for 2016-2017 is posted on onCampus on the Resource board. A more detailed calendar will soon follow.

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